We learn ways to learn, grow, and lead that contribute to the larger community and invite our best human qualities to shine.


Rooted in our local community, we learn in an authentic Montessori environment, growing as conscientious and joyful learners, inspired to lead in the world community.

Art, Music & Movement

Children are surrounded by beautiful materials and creative expression is woven into each area of the curriculum. 

Cosmic Studies

Focus on the story of the universe, how life develops, and our history to help develop awe and appreciation.


Vast lessons on the solar system, Earth, biomes, continents, cultures, climate, landscape, natural resources, food, and architecture.

Language Arts

A rich language environment encouraging self-expression, discussion, and use of a variety of reference materials beyond standard textbooks.



Hands-on materials help students explore mathematical process, fostering a real understanding and ability to apply skills in everyday life.

Practical Life

Nurturing exploration and courage as a gateway to competence, independence and a sense of accomplishment.


Cultivating curiosity and imagination at our amazing universe through discussions, observations, analysis and experiments.


Exploration of the environment through the senses while developing a deep sense of appreciation and experience.

About Montessori

The Montessori curriculum revolves around a fundamental belief that each child has an instinctive and spontaneous desire to learn.

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About Charter Schools

A charter school is a public school operated by a group of parents, teachers and/or community members as a semi-autonomous school of choice authorized by a school district.

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Attending our second year now, and my kids are always smiling, thriving really. They have learned wonderful social skills. My daughter, once introverted, is now quite extroverted and reaching out to other kids. Academically they have increased their desire to learn and greatly enjoy the studios they participate in, which have been: dance, chess, rocket building, recorder, needle felting, clay molding and Spanish. My children have also learned how to assert themselves and speak in a respectful manner to resolve conflicts with others. It is a wonderful school!


Mom to 2nd and 3rd Year Owls and a Kindergarten Dove

My husband and I regularly say that moving our daughter to CRS was the best parenting decision we have ever made. The changes that we have seen in her since being in an environment that accepts her for where she is right now and celebrates the unique needs of all of her classmates has been really huge. Learning all of the important lessons for school, but also how these apply to everyday life, and fostering a sense of community and responsibility is an incredible gift.


Mom to 3rd Year Hummingbird

No other local option would have given Grace the same opportunities to make an impact in her school community. From the beginning of first grade, she felt a sense of ownership in her classroom and school. Children are respected and treated as capable human beings. They are given liberty within limits so that they can make a difference in their own learning, their peers’ learning, and out in the world!


Mom to 5th Year Great Blue Heron

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