As a charter school, The Community Roots School must have a school board to provide policy guidance and oversight of school operations.


Our school board is a 6-member body. Each board member is elected for 2 years and serves without pay. Terms of office are staggered to encourage continuity so that no more than 3 positions become vacant in the same year. Terms of office commence and expire with the school’s fiscal year (July 1). Officers of the board are elected annually at the July meeting.

Dan Kaplan


Dan Kaplan is the Operations Manager for an Oregon manufacturing company. He is pragmatic, good at tracking many moving parts of a project and a consensus builder. With an educational background in child and family development Dan is heavily invested in the Silverton Montessori community and is passionately interested in the continued viability of Silverton’s only Charter Montessori option. Dan and his wife Megan have three children.

Jason Wagoner


Jason has lived in Silverton for the last eight years and has fallen in love with the community. He and his wife Melissa  have purchased a home here and are raising two lovely daughters. He graduated from Southern Oregon University in 2000 with a degree in biology and history. He moved here from the Oregon Coast to take a Park Ranger position at Silver Falls State Park. He has worked for the Oregon State Parks Department for the last ten years and enjoys the opportunity to work outdoors with the public. My interest in becoming a board member for Community Roots stems from my belief that our children need quality education. I respect the mission statement of the Community Root School and my educational view parallels the school’s core values. He feels that it is important for families to have options for their children’s education and that Community Roots fills that need for the Silverton and surrounding areas.

Jennifer (Jen) De Jong


Jennifer is a founding member of Community Roots School and is the current Board Secretary.  She holds a B.S in Psychology and works as a Project Director with the Oregon Office of the State Cheif Information Officer. She was introduced to Montessori education in 2006 and was instantly attracted to the concepts of child-centered education, fostering a child’s joy of learning and the prospect of inspiring social change through education. She has been a part of many accomplishments and lessons that CRS has encountered and is committed to the mission and the determination to provide this as an option to our wonderful community. Jennifer and her husband, Jeff Reilly, have have three girls, one of whom currently attend Community Roots. Her two oldest daughters are graduates of Community Roots.

Brooke Martin

Board Member

My family and I moved to Silverton 3 years ago.  Our wish to move to a small community to a home with acreage spurred us to move our family to Oregon and eventually to Silverton after an extensive 2-year search for property throughout the state.   Since then my  family has fallen in love with Silverton – its beauty, lovely residents and amazing community spirit that fills this town inspires all of us.   I am a native New Mexican who has lived all over the country: I went to law school in Washington, DC; I ran a start-up for a brief time in San Francisco; and then in Denver where I went back to work in the legal field.   Since moving to Oregon, I have transitioned to a stay-at-home mom taking care of my 2 daughters, Madeleine and Scout.   I look forward to dedicating myself to Community Roots School – learning more about policy, Montessori teaching and meeting all the CRS families.

Matt Middlestetter

Board Member

Matt was born and raised in Oregon. He first came to Silverton when he started his business 15 years ago. He has two children who are thriving at CRS. Technology, business management, and out-of-the-box thinking are a few areas of expertise he hopes to draw on in supporting CRS through being a board member.

Jessica Newton

Board Member

Jessie has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and English from the University of Portland where she later earned a Master of Arts in Teaching. She has been a high school science and language arts teacher for the past eight years and is currently working toward licensure to become a school counselor. Jessie discovered the Montessori philosophy and methodology while researching preschool options for her son. She was immediately captivated with the way that Montessori looks at the whole child and gives students ownership of their learning. Jessie brings an educators perspective to the board and is committed to supporting the school community as it grows. She lives in Silverton with her husband Luke Neal and three children.

Astrid Potter

Board Member

Astrid wants to be a part of the CRS board so that she can be a resource to the guides (teachers) and administration to support and empower them to address the needs of the individual child. Astrid values the Montessori prepared classroom environment as it empowers each child to learn and grow at their own pace.  She hopes to lead by example, demonstrating the importance of community involvement.  Astrid has been an active volunteer on the CRS Facilities committee and instrumental the significant coordination necessary for the CRS move. Astrid brings a professional background in project management, engineering and contract administration. Her professional experiences have provided her with skills in staff supervision, budgeting, negotiations, organization and most importantly, critical thinking.


The Community Roots School Board meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Special meetings are scheduled as necessary.

A meeting occurs when a quorum is present to receive information or to decide or deliberate on any public matter. All board meetings shall be conducted in public unless specifically exempt. The board may elect to discuss private matters of personnel, site acquisition, collective bargaining and/or pending litigation in closed (executive) session(s).


The Community Roots School Board encourages public comment in order to make better informed decisions. To expedite public comment and make judicious use of time the following practices are strongly encouraged:

  • Contact the Community Roots office (503.874.4107) at least 1 week prior to the meeting and ask to be placed on the agenda.
  • Give the office as much detail as possible about your comments so that background information can be developed for board consideration prior to the meeting.

The board has established the following guidelines to accommodate public testimony:

  1. Get recognition from the Board Chair before speaking.
  2. Give testimony from the designated place.
  3. Keep comments concise and avoid repetition.
  4. Be specific about what you want the board to do.

Note: The board may delay action to a future meeting in order to allow time for study and research.

It may be necessary for the board to establish limits on the length of testimony in order to accommodate all who want to speak. The board believes that issues related to most items can be adequately presented, including questions and clarification, in 10 minutes or less.

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